Kuvasz Functionality - Uses

Since I am a strong advocate for preserving the Kuvasz as a heritage breed of livestock guardian dog and take great pride in placing puppies into working homes where they can still perform their historic function, I am often asked if my dogs are only or mostly suitable as LGDs. 


The simple answer is NO!


However, it is precisely because the Kuvasz is an LGD that is has the ability to perform a wide array of functions.


The Kuvasz as an LGD:

  • Has a confident, very stable and well-balanced temperament

  • Has a high degree of situational awareness

  • Is very vigilant and has highly developed guardian instincts

  • Has a keen sense of smell and was also historically used as a hunting dog

  • Is very adaptable to various living conditions and environmental conditions

  • Is very gentle with the weak and vulnerable (i.e. newborn lambs)

  • Is athletic and very agile, especially for its size


As a result, a Kuvasz can be used for many different function, such as a general purpose guardian, protection and/or police dog, border patrol dog, as well as for tracking, agility, rally and obedience trials, as a large game hunter, for moving/herding large stock (i.e. cattle, horses) or even as a therapy, service or disaster rescue dog.


Although a Kuvasz can be utilized for a variety of purposes we should never lose sight of the fact that the Kuvasz is first and foremost a LGD, thus we need to be mindful and understand that these other functions are mostly secondary uses the breed can perform, thus we need to be realistic about expectations and possible limitations. Other words, a Kuvasz can perform most of these roles, but might not be as good as breed that were purposefully bred for these functions (i.e. tracking - Kuvasz vs. a Bloodhound).