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Registered name: Hungarikum Arikán

DOB: August 08, 2018

First generation Canadian born to imported parents 

(Menyünk Fickó X Borza-Parti "Őrség" Zenta).

Health Clearances: OFA Hips - Good, Elbows- Normal

Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2019, Kuvasz Club of Canada National Specialty Show, Under Serbian/FCI judge Mihály Juhász, where a record 20 Kuvaszok were entered, Arikán became best puppy in Specialty and also won the Puppy Sweepstakes.


At the 2023 Kuvasz Club of Canada Specialty show under Serbian/FCI judge Péter Firic, Arikán won Open Class and Best Brood Bitch with Progeny with her offspring Estella and Dzsongo. I am especially proud of this achievement because the most valuable quality of any breeding dog is what it can produce and how it can pass on its genetics. Over the years, Arikán has consistently demonstrated that she can produce high quality offspring (Estella, Danika, Dzsongo) with various males. 


Arikán is a very elegant female who demonstrates correct type, good structure and angulation, a strong front and very nice movement. She resides with a friend, but is readily utilized in our breeding program.

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