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Registered name: Hungarikum Igaz Legény

DOB: January 20, 2023

Second generation Canadian born to imported parents 

(Pataki-Pásztor Zsoldos X Hungarikum Arikán).

Health Clearances: They will be done once the dog comes of age. 


Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2023 Kuvasz Club of Canada Specialty Show, Dzsongo was Puppy Sweepstakes Winner and in the actual Specialty under well-recognized Serbian/FCI judge Péter Firic, with 17 Kuvaszok entered, Dzsongo first won the Senior Puppy Class, then became Best Puppy in Specialty, then competed and beat all other males and became Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) only losing out at the end to Estella. To be selected by two different judges and defeating all other mature males at 9 months old was an impressive achievement for this young male.  

Dzsongo is an very large and robust male, and the second largest dog in my kennel after Possum. He has impressive size, lots of substance, very strong bones, and big, wide head that radiates masculinity. He is a dominant dog and likes to establish himself in the packing order, because he is both physically and mentally tough. Nonetheless, as all correct LGDs, Dzsongo is able to cohabitate and live within a pack setting. He is a no-nonsense dog that is a good guardian who would not allow strangers onto his property even at this young age, yet in my presence or out in public is accepting of strangers and other dogs.  


Dzsongo as a puppy. He was impressive, as was my son in stacking him. 

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