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Brian King,
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, British Columbia


"Lumi is 11 months old and she is about 102lbs now but is still growing. She has a lot of confidence and is very dog dominant. She is wary of strangers, but when out in town she is happy to meet new people, but I MUST introduce her to strangers before they enter the yard or house. There have been times where I had to take her from the yard or the house if somebody came in unintroduced because she just wouldn't allow it. When in the truck she is very protective as well, only people she knows are allowed near the truck when she is in it.


She is much the same with aniamls, she has alerted and was protective against bears, both black and Grizzly, Lynx, coyotes, Bison, Moose ect. She has chased many bears already. Although when she was young I had her around horses and she seems to have affinity with them. She also will watch what the birds are doing, I figure to see if anything is disturbing them. 


Dog dominance...she has her dogs that she is friendly with and she is open to play with dogs she meets if they are calm, not in her face or encroaching her spece. When I had her at my aunt's, my cousin brought her 3yr old female belgian malinois/Pit bull mix. Her dog is usually the boss. Her dog growled at Lumi and Lumi immediately pulled her dog to the ground and stood over her barking and growling. I pulled Lumi off, but for the next 2hrs she continued to dominate her. She would take any toy from her, chase her off and put her head on her. Even when my cousin's husband stood with their dog, Lumi would walk to her and push her head down. I started to feel bad for the other dog, because for 2hrs she walk around with her tail tucked. But this whole time Lumi would also play with another dog that was present, with which she was friends with and played with her very nice and gently.


Also seems to have very little fear, not only do thunderstorms not bother her, she actually begs to go outside in them. Lightning storm can be right overtop of us and she just plays or lays down outside. Never seen a dog like that. She is not afraid of loud noises at all. I have used chainsaws, brush saws, tractors etc. around her and she shows no fear of them. 


She is also one of the smartest dogs I've known, she solves problem very quickly. Like she figured out how to open the back sliding door of the house. She is also quick to learn training.  


She is VERY loving with her family and her Kids, she gets excited to see her people and is sad when they leave. She is very gentle with kids and small dogs.


I hike with her and we have gone on a few very long overlanding road trips, stopping in new areas and towns along the way. She seems to like travelling, and I have had no issues taking her to different places and environments. She adjusts very well.


She is certainly no golden retriever, and I had to makes sure to train her right from wrong as a young puppy, as she is very protective. So you must set boundaries and reinforce those periodically. With the right guidance and upbringing Kuvaszok are a fantastic breed.       

Alanna Ferris-Coburn,


Grande Prairie, Alberta

If you are New or Old to this Amazing Breed of dogs, you will find few people more knowledgeable and passionate about Kuvaszok than Krisztian Vas. I, myself have had Kuvasz for 12yrs on our farm. As our dogs were getting older, I was looking for a new LGD/breeding female. Since we wanted to potentially breed in the future, we wanted the best possible Kuvasz we could find. Lucky I was introduced to Krisztian about 3yrs ago. After much correspondence and getting to know Krisztian, we quickly realized that his vision for the Kuvasz is what we were looking for and we obtained Abby. She has been wonderful with our family and livestock and takes her guarding duties very seriously. No person or predator could enter our farm while she was on the job. I have also traveled to Ontario to meet Krisztian and his outstanding dogs, I was not disappointed to say the least…his dogs have the essential characteristics that make a "True Kuvasz ". Krisztian is wonderful to deal with, honest, straight-forward, understanding and someone you can always call for advice and support. I'm truly grateful for the knowledge he has pasted onto myself. I support him 100% in his kennel and breeding program.

Noemi Teleky,

Honesdale, Pennsylvania 

For anyone who is interested in owning or being owned by a true real Hungarian Kuvasz I strongly suggest contacting Krisztian Vas. His knowledge of the breed as well of generations of bloodlines, kennels and individual dogs is unsurpassed. More importantly his dedication and never-ending commitment to the betterment and preservation of this historic bred is unequalled in anyone I have ever met. As a Hungarian and decades long owner and lover of Kuvasz, I can truly appreciate the immense amount of passion and hard work he puts into his dogs and into his breedings. I waited almost 2 years to get a pup from him. Having been privileged enough to own a “true Kuvasz” before I was willing to wait instead of settling for a pup from mist other US and Canadian breeders whose dogs are truly unworthy of the name Kuvasz, in temperament, structure, size and overall ability. I finally got my pup from his B litter and she is everything she is supposed to be, at 4 months she is solid as a rock, unafraid and unphased by anything, no allergies, 50 lbs, great pigment and correct in all measurable aspects of a Kuvasz. A true Hungarian! Also, please know that just because many breeders claim Hungarian bloodlines doesn’t mean the pups are what they should be. If anyone would like to contact me regarding Krisztian, his breeding program or anything else regarding owning a Kuvasz please feel free.

Agnes Laan

Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia

We already had two Kuvaszok,both females, before we eventually decided to get a male. After about a year or two of "shopping", we were directed to Hungarikum. We ordered a male, which we now co-own with Krisztian, and he is - for a lack of better words - a true Kuvasz! 

As a young pup, we took him to work with us, every day. At about 14-16 weeks, his guardian instincts came in: no-one was allowed to get to close to me without getting barks and/or growls! At only 19 months, he is still learning what he has to protect against and what/who is safe. 


When Veles is outdoors, he is constantly vigilant, particularly paying attention to our local fox and reading the crows for the presence and location of the said fox. He does go for breaks/rest in the dog house, which is strategically placed amid the poultry housing, and at the slightest hint of a threat, he wakes and emerges to do his job!


​In the house, Veles is equally vigilant. He will notice the squirrels on the deck,or the neighbour working away in his side vineyard, and alert us. His favourite little person is my 2-year-old grandson, whom he grew up with. 

​Veles still has to learn proper behaviour with our poultry; he is still rather exuberant, but for the most part he is really good with the birds. When he goes inside one  of the coops, his only interest is in the feeders, or hunting for eggs. 


Our youngster from Hungarikum has an intelligence that I have never, EVER seen before in a dog, and I doubt that any other breed would exhibit the same! At 16 weeks, he was able to do what our ladies had never accomplished: opening the front door to get in! At 5.5 months, we had to leave him home because we were in the finishing stage of a restaurant reno. Well, 3pm rolled around and he REALLY had to pee, so what was a boy supposed to do? Well, open the human door from the inside, of course!!! And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this boy's smarts. 

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