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Registered name: Bácskai Betyár Turul

DOB: March 8, 2023

Imported from Serbia

Health Clearances: They will be done once the dog comes of age. 


Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2023 Kuvasz Club of Canada Specialty Show, Dzsongo was Puppy Sweepstakes Winner and in the actual Specialty under well-recognized Serbian/FCI judge Péter Firic, with 17 Kuvaszok entered, Turul won the Junior Puppy Class.


Turul is structurally and anatomically very impressive and this reflects in his fluid and easy of movement. 


Turul has a unique pedigree, which incorporates numerous older Hungarian bloodlines dating back to old "Yugoslavian" kennels. Turul is a very well-put together, elegant, structurally sound, and anatomically correct young male. His movement is also very elastic, light-footed and effortless, and he seems to never tire. Moreover, he has a typical and desired Kuvasz expression. He also demonstrates adequate sexual dimorphism, a.k.a. masculinity. Turul fits into my pack well and gets along with most of the other males, which is an expectation for LGDs if they are to face and survive against packs of wolves or coyotes.
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