As I have mentioned a few times already, I would like to reiterate the importance of a Kuvasz having a stable and well-balanced temperament….but what does this really mean? The correct Kuvasz temperament is rather hard to capture in words, as one really only understands it once they’ve owned a Kuvasz. Nonetheless, a Kuvasz should be confident, self-assured and able to remain calm and composed in any situation, setting or environment. This means a Kuvasz should be able to go anywhere and should not overreact, over-protect or lash out unnecessarily. As an LGD the Kuvasz should have a very highly developed sense of situational awareness and ability to think critically in various scenarios. This means that they can often differentiate between a real and perceived threat. A confident and stable Kuvasz will not attack anyone unnecessarily or unprovoked. It is often dogs that are lacking confidence and are fearful that lash out and potentially cause problems. On the other hand, when a real threat or situation arises when the dog needs to protect, a proper Kuvasz should then be a ruthless guardian that shows great tenacity and does not back down. Many people assume their dog will protect them if really needed, but I’ve seen many “tough” dogs crumble in a real challenge or when called upon to protect. Therefore, a proper Kuvasz must have nerves of steel and not be swayed or halted by anything. As the Hungarian saying goes (loosely translated) “it (Kuvasz) should not back down even if the devil itself would appear in front of it”. This being said, it is important to emphasize that the Kuvasz is not the right dog for everyone. It needs an equally confident and stable owner, who understands guardian type dogs and pack hierarchy and how to bring the most out of a Kuvasz. 

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