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Registered name: Hungarikum Estella

DOB: July 28, 2021

Second generation Canadian born to imported parents (Bácskai Betyár Labanc X Hungarikum Arikán).

Health Clearances: OFA Hips - Excellent, Elbows - Normal


Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2023 Kuvasz Club of Canada Specialty Show under well-recognized Serbian/FCI judge Péter Firic, with 17 Kuvaszok entered, Estella was 1st Canadian Bred Class, then became Winner Bitch and ultimately BOB (Best of Breed), Best of Winners and Best in Specialty.

In the summer of 2022, at the Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club under András Korózs, the President of the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOESZ) and Hungarian/FCI judge, Estrella was BOB (Best of Breed) and as commented by the judge... "she would be a stand out female even in Hungary".


This is the breed type I and many Hungarian breeders strive to achieve and maintain.


Estella showed a lot of promise right from puppyhood, and did not disappoint as she matured. She is an incredibly elegant, well-proportioned and structurally sound female that illustrates correct type and substance and has exceptional coat. Moreover, her temperament and working ability is also impressive, as she is very good guardian, but well-balanced with a highly developed sense of situational awareness. Gentle and patient, but if needed willing to protect in an instant. She has proven herself in the show ring, been tested many times with predators and passed all her health tests, thus it is time for her to prove her worth as a breeding dog.  


Estella has exemplary structure, with correct angulation, very tight topline and desired belly line.  

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