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Since the Kuvasz spent most of its long history beside nomadic tribesmen, peasant shepherds and farmers, it had to be hardy and able to survive on anything. This hardiness also transfers to today, as I believe even nowadays LGDs face harsh conditions and must be adaptable when it comes to feeding. 


I believe a proper Kuvasz should be able to eat any food or any combination of foods without having any sensitivities, allergies, intolerances etc. I feed my Kuvaszok with absolutely anything (any brand of dog food, raw meat, organs, bones, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetable, leftovers etc.). I always strive to give my dogs a nutritious and protein rich diet and I believe just like people; they appreciate variety. However, I want to emphasize, that I would NOT breed a Kuvasz if it had any allergies, food intolerances or any sensitivities, as it would be contrary to my breeding philosophy. 

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