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Locos por los Kuvasz (Pastor Hungaro) Argentina Interviews

The group Locos por los Kuvasz (Pastor Hungaro) Argentina is currently the biggest Kuvasz organization in Argentina that promotes the Kuvasz and in many aspects acts like a de facto national club. The Kuvasz population in Argentina, as in many places globally has seen a drastic decline and in dire need of rejuvenation. Consequently, they reached out to various international clubs and organizations for ideas, including me. I participated in this two part interview in the capacity as the President of the Kuvasz Club of Canada, focusing more on our national achievement rather that my specific breeding program. 

Part 1 

Part 1 focuses mostly on the succesful use of Kuvaszok as LGDs in Canada and how they were essential in rejuvenating and raising the Canadian Kuvasz population. I also outline some of the common misconceptions related to LGDs and point out some potential oppurtunities in utlilizing Kuvaszok as LGDs, particularly in Argentina and South America. 

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