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Registered name: Pataki-Pásztor Zsoldos

DOB: February 28, 2017

Imported from Hungary

Health Clearances: OFA: Hips - Excellent, Elbows - Normal


Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2019 Kuvasz Club of Canada National Specialty Show, under Serbian/FCI judge Mihály Juhász, where a record 20 Kuvaszok were entered, Birku was 1st in Open Class, then became Winner Dog and ultimately BOB (Best of Breed) and Best in Specialty. 

Capture (2).JPG

               Very typical head.                                 Notice the wide skull and clearly defined furrow.


Birku is from the much sought after Pataki-Pásztor kennel which is well-known for its old style Kuvasz “type”. Birku is also sired by one of the most famous Hungarian stud dogs of all time - Pataki-Pásztor Naszály. Birku demonstrates very good structure, angulation, movement and has great endurance, along with a very stable and well-balanced temperament.


Truly desired pigmentation with jet black roof of mouth, black underbelly and all black nails.


                  Wide forechest and strong bone.

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