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Registered name: Borza-Parti "Őrség" Zenta

DOB: May 31, 2016

Imported from Hungary

Health Clearances: OFA: Hips - Good, Elbows – Normal

Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2019 Kuvasz Club of Canada National Specialty Show, under Serbian/FCI judge Mihály Juhász, where a record 20 Kuvaszok were entered, Zenta was 1st in Open Class, then became Winner Bitch and BOS (Best of Opposite Sex), only losing out to Birku. 


Zenta is an impressive and powerful female, standing 73cm (28.75 inches) at the withers and weighing 52kg (115lb), with a head that can rival many males. However, her best attribute is her confidence and very well-balanced and stable temperament. When needed she is an unrivalled guardian who will never back down, yet under normal circumstances can accompany me anywhere and loves people, especially children. 


This picture really captures Zenta's overall size

20180704_190032 (2).jpg

Large wedge shaped head

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