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Registered name: Huron’s Pajtás at Hungarikum

DOB: April 24, 2017

First generation Canadian born to imported Hungarian parents

(Hun-Zazholm Rabló x Fehér-Morcos Özséb).

Health Clearances: OFA Hips - Excellent, Elbows – Normal

Titles and Accomplishments: At the 2019 Kuvasz Club of Canada National Specialty Show, under Serbian/FCI judge Mihály Juhász, where a record 20 Kuvaszok were entered, Bulcsú was first in the Canadian bred male category, later losing out to Birku for best male title.  




Bulcsú is a result of collaboration and co-breeding when my foundation female was not old enough yet to be bred and I borrowed a Hungarian import female to have a litter. Bulcsú is an athletic male with plenty of stamina and drive, who is owned by a trusted friend of mine where he guards a rural property and poultry.

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